New Year review

With the end of last year we were balancing and of course establishing new targets. We would like to share some of our thoughts with you.   IN 2016 FUTBALITO ►    was running in 8 countries and managed data for almost  1 000 teams and 12 500 players ►    was again an official tournament software on EMF… Read more


EMF EURO 2016, 21. – 27. 8. 2016, is knocking on doors. EMF EURO 2016 will be held in Hungary, Székesfehérvár, where 32 teams will meet on a pitch and fight to become the best minifootball team in Europe. Get your daily dose of minifootball! Latest news, life streams, information about teams and statistics follow… Read more


If you want to know what´s going on in the minifootball world, then you cannot miss out on the new version of the Futbalito mobile app. Maybe you can only see a “new face”, but there is much more inside this app. Sport, information, community and benefits. Everything you need in one place.   REGISTER… Read more

A First Look at Administration

The newly designed and developed administration dashboard is created to help every organizer to manage their competitions. If you are an organizer, you could be interested in a short description of the administration. As soon as you get your access information to administration, you may have to deal with some questions. So let’s take a… Read more


Futbalito is a complex information and communication cross-platform system.  What does it mean? Administration is a keystone of competiton management. Organizers with Futbalito team import information about competition. Then organizers manage seasons, competitions, teams, players or matches mostly by their own. IT support is always included. Profile is a place for everybody; Futbalito mobile app means… Read more

Can I enjoy Futbalito?

Maybe you are also asking this question. Why should I download this app? Why should I power league by Futbalito when we´ve got a system? Because Futbalito isn´t just mobile app or administration system. Because Futbalito can give you much more! Go through this article and you will certainly get some answers. You are the boss! What… Read more

New Futbalito for even better experience

There was a time when a paper and pen ruled the World. Darkness was all around. Then Futbalito was created. This is a true story about passion, persistence, will and sport. Let us tell you the true story about Futbalito. Minifootball as a small brother of Football was always little bit more behind, but Minifootball,… Read more