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Futbalito is the worldwide minifootball community tool. No matter if you are organizer, player or fan, you will always find what you need.

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What is Futbalito

It is a powerfull sport management tool as well as a minifootball social network, digital view of hobby and fan zone with many other benefits. For everyone! At one place! In one word: Futbalito!

Futbalito is designed to become both a primary channel for sport management and a highly efficient marketing tool for commercial activities and sales.

  • First and the only global sport platform of its kind

  • Vision to cover the world minifootball community

  • Intuitive, simple and userfriendly designed apps

  • User benefits, business and value creation focus

  • One touch from any minifootball event and latest newsfeed

Futbalito on devices

Mobile Apps

Futbalito is mobile. Wherever you are, Futbalito is with you. Be one touch from any event, entertainment and numerous benefits.

  • Matches

    Follow the results and get notifications. Watch live video streams and bet on results.

  • News

    Get the best news and articles from competitions and from the world of minifootball.

  • Fan Zone

    Enjoy an innovative way how to be in touch with a community in a competition with a single click.

Futbalito on devices
  • Credit Wallet

    Be active Share and invite friends to collect cash credits and use them for shopping.

  • Personal

    Build your profile, see your sport endurance and training plans, take challenges and improve your football skills.

  • ...And Much More

    Organize your own events, communicate in a team, buy tickets and utilize the special offers of our partners.

Futbalito on devices

Web App

View your dashboard in a web browser and enjoy more of Futbalito features from a different point of view.

Be informed and get notifications about any updates of the schedules. Is it your teams game day tomorrow? Futbalito will remind you in time!

Easy access to various organization tools and websites of minifootball teams. Connect to your social media accounts and share, comment and receive personalized offers or invitations to special events.

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Complete solution for minifootball organizers. Get your leagues or competitions under control.

Futbalito is quick and easy way how to:

  • manage your leagues and competitions
  • register players including the proceeding of membership fees
  • automatize fixtures, schedules and statistics
  • realtime enteries and publish live scores
  • communicate with players and the whole community
  • effectively cooperate with your partners

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Futbalito on devices

Growing marketing network

Futbalito is an ecommerce friendly tool designed to become a strong marketing and sales platform with an internal support of marketplace, advertising and gamification systems.

After football, minifootbal is the second most played sport worldwide, concerning the number of players. It is an evergrowing mass sport. It is a matter of passion.

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Futbalito has a clear vision to cover all leagues and championships worldwide. You will be able to follow the world of minifootball whenever and wherever you want.

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We created Futbalito with love because we love minifootball. We still work hard to make it better and better. What you can see now is just the beginning.

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