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Futbalito is the worldwide minifootball community tool. It’s been developed as a worldwide sport management system, same as social community network and business toolset.

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What is Futbalito

Futbalito is a complex system covering all needs from sport management tools to business & community features. It’s a digital view of hobby and fan zone with many other benefits. For everyone! At one place!

Futbalito is designed to become both a primary channel for sport management and a highly efficient marketing tool for commercial activities and sales.

  • Intuitive, simple and user-friendly designed apps

  • Already proven concept at various championships

  • Ready-made solution for any sport event supported by our implementation team

  • Created by world minifootball community feedback

  • Connectable to any external sport management system

Futbalito on devices

Where can you meet Futbalito?

Futbalito reviews

We created Futbalito with love because we love minifootball. We still work hard to make it better and better. What you can see now is just the beginning.

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Get detailed information on bigger screen! Upcoming event, results, statistics, match schedule and much more! See photos and videos from the event, or watch matches on livestream. Comment, share and live minifootball!


Futbalito is a proud partner of EMF Euro same as of European Champions League.

Mobile Apps

Futbalito is mobile. Wherever you are, Futbalito is with you. Be one touch from any event, entertainment and numerous benefits.

  • Matches

    Follow the results and get notifications. Watch live video streams and bet on results.

  • News

    Get the best news and articles from competitions and from the world of minifootball.

  • Fan Zone

    Enjoy an innovative way how to be in touch with a community in a competition with a single click.

Futbalito on devices
  • Credit Wallet

    Be active Share and invite friends to collect cash credits and use them for shopping.

  • Personal

    Build your profile, see your sport endurance and training plans, take challenges and improve your football skills.

  • ...And Much More

    Organize your own events, communicate in a team, buy tickets and utilize the special offers of our partners.

All-device synchronization

Wanna see minifootball content on various devices? With unique Futbalito account you can log in at all Futbalito’s related websites same as to mobile App with its all extended features. You can comment bet and do various activities at all devices - all data are sorted by your favourites and preferences set at your Futbalito account.

Powerful Toolset

Complete solution for minifootball organizers. Get your leagues or competitions under control.

  • manage your leagues and competitions
  • register players including the proceeding of membership fees
  • automatize fixtures, schedules and statistics
  • realtime enteries and publish live scores
  • improve your business partnership & involve the community
  • effectively share your partner’s content & promote his brand

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Futbalito on devices

Futbalito Community

Community is one of the most valuable asset we’ve created – not only for Futbalito, but for any Organizer as well. We all can now use all community and business tools to make marketing much more effective and focused on defined target group.

Online registration

Organizer can get players registered online to his organization or competition.

Team Management

Players overview - player's name, position, quick statistics, matches played and planned, and many others.

Invite Friends & Teammates

Effective tool for increasing number of users and organizer's member base. Involve as many users as possible, let them invite their friends and relatives to they’ll create their own community.

Team Chat

Private team inbox messages. Team chat can be synced with team member's e-mail or SMS.


Let your community live by your articles, events and match experiences!

Set Up Events

Wanna set up an event? Need some extra training or friendly match? Go ahead! Browse multiple sport facilities, check out and book free terms and let your friends know about your event.


Almost all the content may be spread by users to increase the community base. Publish amazing and virally spread videos. Get huge number of your content’s followers. Support your marketing and e-commerce tools!


Support your favourite team or individuals! You can gift them by various amounts of money in about two steps. Simple, smart and easy!

Bet on results

Players and fans can bet on match results and win bonus points or credits that may be claimed in Futbalito’s or Organizer's gamification system or e-shop.


Place where goals come true! Read stories of various teams or individuals, learn about their achievements and set goals they dream about and help them to reach them!

Join fanzone

We’d like to provide some space to business partners of Futbalito or the Organizer’s one. Special section for their advertisement videos, competitions and extra content.

Schedule reminder & Notifications

Player's scheduled events and training list supported by notification in mobile app.

Disciplinary Proceeding Management

Administrative process and decision is continuously inserted and refreshed during penalty procedures. Players or teams can protest decision via App or pay obliged penalty fees via payment gate.

Claim bonuses and special offers

User’s activity may be awarded by special bonus points or offers by Futbalito’s or Organizer’s business partners. Discover Futbalito gamification bonus system!

Public Gallery

Galleries created by community. Anyone can independently upload private photos and videos.


The uniqueness of Futbalito system is the focus on business use. We’ve already developed various functionalities that helps you increase your revenues using the community. And many others are coming.

Growing Marketing Network

Futbalito is an e-commerce friendly tool designed to become a strong marketing and sales platform with an internal support of marketplace, advertising and gamification systems.

After football, minifootbal is the second most played sport worldwide, concerning the number of players. It is an evergrowing mass sport. It is a matter of passion.

Business Tools


Use your system for promoting your brand or big names of your business partners and supporters. We can brand whole app by a "big name".


Sophisticated advertisement tools for simple adding, editing and managing banners of yours and your partners. Based on standard PPC metrics and transparent price calculation.

PR Articles

Promote your products or services via interesting or entertaining articles promoting product or service.


Direct message to specific target group chosen by specified parameters. Special form of ad popping up in defined time periods.

Point of Interest (POI)

Show company details and place of business on various maps placed in the App or related websites. Organizers can promote their sport facilities, same as businesses of their partners and donors.


Interesting and hot products reviews: item or service description, details, attributes, look, functionality, etc. Promote products of yours or your partner’s.


Use simple and transparent ticket sale system with your Futbalito payment gate. Everything simple, transparent and safe!

Promo products

Products branded by Futbalito or by organizer’s logo or standard partner’s products visibly branded by Futbalito or organization’s logo.

Merchant Sale

Organiser can sell its branded products directly, same as his partner’s. You can offer a new business channel to your partners and donors. Ready-made solution for easy uploading product card and its editing.

Advanced Team Tools

Tools easing communication between team and competition organizer. Organizer can offer premium functionalities of current tools modified by its organization, to local or international community.

Ticket Sale

Use Futbalito payment gate extension to proceed ticket sale for any kind of event. You get payment gate full service, including overviews, transaction history and many others...


Organizer can sell product of any merchandise in reviews or using affiliate link. Provide your users much wider product portfolio.

Hiring & Drafts

Need draft a player? The user-friendly interface allows you to proceed your request in two steps! You’ll get database of teams and players with quality ranking to simplify the process of drafts and transfers.


Organisers can provide some extra advertisement space for their partners, same as for any other brand interested in sport e-commerce. Everything via simple and user-friendly interface.

Football ID

System of sport registration identity card.

Premium content

Get premium access to extended functionalities, high-quality HD video by Futbalito Production, more online training courses and lots of other extensions.

Futbalito on devices

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Futbalito has a clear vision to cover all leagues and championships worldwide. You will be able to follow the world of minifootball whenever and wherever you want.

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Interested in your own Sport management system?

For sport organizations, competition organizers and companies, we have ready-made solution with all features of Futbalito modifiable for any kind of sport.

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